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All spots are filled.

Business Intelligence for Sustainable Flower Production

by LG Flowers & Greenport

Flower entrepreneurs need help making sustainable decisions with data on key changes in internal and external monitoring systems. This includes internal factors, such as company policies, and external risks, such as market fluctuations, energy prices, labour shortage, inflation etc.

All spots are filled.

Combat International Corruption using Open Data

by Integrity Initiatives International

Grand corruption is when leaders use their power to benefit themselves. The main challenge in fighting corruption internationally is that information and legal actions are handled per country. Data is not transparent and easily accessible.

All spots are filled.

Future of Greenhouse Energy & Heat Efficiency

by Greenport & Provincie Zuid-Holland

The energy transition within the greenhouse sector is a necessary. Their negative impact on the environment is based on their inefficient use of energy and heat. Work on enabling them to make calculated decisions by giving them insights into their options and enabling the greenhouse growers to cooperate.

All spots are filled.

Assess The Impact of Governmental Policies Before They Get Introduced

by Gemeente Den Haag

As of now, there is no process of validating new policies and legislation before introducing them. The Municipality of The Hague is looking for ways to assess the impact of new to be introduced, regional policies by identifying the businesses which are affected and analyzing how a proposed policy will impact local entrepreneurs.

All spots are filled.

Anonymisation of Sensitive Data on Social Media

by 510: an initiative of the Netherlands Red Cross

During the conflict in Ukraine, a need for fast communication and security became a priority. 510, the Data & Digital team of the Netherlands Red cross, is monitoring the information on group chats to provide help. Anonymisation of data is important to protect vulnerable groups. That’s why potential further improvement of anonymisation of sensitive data is always welcomed by the team.


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The 5th edition of The Hackathon for Good takes place from November 19 to 27, 2022. The hybrid hackathon allows you to join virtual, or in-person at our hackathon hub in The Hague.

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North Sea sharks win The Hague 5!


For the fifth year in a row, teams from all over the world gathered at the Hackathon for Good to work on projects related to sustainability, privacy, open government and corruption. This year the winning team North Sea sharks impressed our jury with their policy-making tool that gathers and presents information from administrative, specialised sources, social channels, and the public internet to help policy creators make informed decisions.

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