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About us

Hackathon for Good is an open invitation to anyone with a hacker mindset and the passion to work on data and AI for impact. We are curious about the possibilities of new technologies. We want to apply them for good. To solve things that truly matter. All across the world.

Our mission is to connect data and AI savvy innovators with transition leaders to accelerate purpose-driven innovation by governments, NGOs, universities, and businesses. We help them prototype with data and AI. By providing access to data, tools, challenges, team members, training, and mentoring.

Hackathon for Good is organized by The Hague Tech and WorldStartup, in collaboration with the Hague’s innovation ecosystem consisting of the many innovation hubs and programs in The Hague like Impact City, The Hague Security Delta, The Hague Humanity Hub and YES!Delft.

Hackathon for Good started in The Hague with the mission to connect AI and Data to the world of Humanitarian Development and Aid. After two successful editions by the Data Science Initiative we slightly broadened our scope with more topics, more partners, and the first international editions.

Zoey Hendrickx

Event manager

Sophie Kochen

Project manager

Daniël Steginga

Incubation Director

Ezra Immanuel

Digital lead

Bobby Bahov

Team manager

Delilah Dols

Community manager

Willemijn de Boer

Board member

Matthew Wilson

Digital support

Svitlana Khrystenko

Workshop Facilitator

Gagan Reddy

Data expert

Gerrit-Jan van 't Veen

Board member

Milena Ninova

Incubation Support

Frank van Summeren

Challenge owner lead

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Many organizations come to us to explore the potential of talent, data and AI for future solutions. Take a look at some of the upcoming challenges to get some inspiration.

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Do you want to support Hackathon for Good? And help hackers to prove the value of tinkering and experimenting with data and AI? There are plenty of ways to support our events and hackathons.

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Do you want to work on interesting challenges, become part of an amazing community of motivated hackers that love to work on solutions for good?