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2022-06-17 - News

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Svitlana Khrystenko

Workshop facilitator

Hackathon for Good returns to The Hague and calls for challenges. Submit your challenge and get it solved by hundreds of hackers on November 19-27, 2022.

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Challenge examples

From mitigating urban floods, to detecting misinformation. From combatting financial fraud, to solving food waste and predicting energy supply. Learn about all our previous challenges via our website.

Why join?

You have the opportunity to submit a problem in your field of interest which contributes to the vision for doing good. Challenge hackers to use data, AI and talent to solve things that truly matter in the world.

Joining as a challenge owner means you get access to 200 talented software developers, data scientists and engineers. During the hackathon week, multiple teams will be working on your challenge for 48 hours straight, resulting in many unexpected high-quality outcomes.

Challenge Criteria

Your role

As a challenge owner, you are committing to the hackathon, before, during and after.

  • Before the hackathon, you are actively helping out formulating your challenge. You work together with our data experts in providing access to data sets and valuable resources on your topic. You provide a detailed challenge briefing, making sure the hackers can hit the ground running.
  • During the hackathon week (November 19-27) you are available to present the case in person, to support and coach the hackers and to select a winner of your challenge.
  • After the hackathon, you allow teams to stay connected with you and your company for further development and implementation of their hack.

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