Meet the jury and mentors of The Hague 4!

2021-11-24 - News

Written by

Sophie Kochen

Project manager

It’s almost time for the The Hague 4 and we are proud to announce our jury and mentors of the final pitching round! All teams of business pioneers, tech talents & experts in artificial intelligence, big data, and coding are challenged to develop data solutions for a better world through eight unique challenges.

These teams will compete at the fourth edition of the Hackathon for Good and have a chance to win a grand prize of 2.500 EUR! The final jury will be led by Jill Wilkinson, Managing Director at Humanity Lab. She will be joined by Irakli Beridze from UNICRI, Elisabeth van der Steenhoven and Sharon Buys from TechTegenCorona, and Joris den Bruinen from The Hague Security Delta.

We can’t wait to see what kind of concepts the participants will pitch to the jury and what kind of valuable insight the mentors will give!

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