The Hague #4


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We had a lot of fun and learned a lot during our Challenges for Good events!

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Talent for Good



Edition #4


The Hague #4

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Updates from the Hackathon for Good world

International tech talent hacks for a better world


During the weekend of 27, 28, and 29 November the third edition of the Hackathon for Good takes place. This edition is the first edition that is completely....

06 november 2020

Monkey Code wins 'Hackathon for good The Hague 2018'


The 'Hackathon for good The Hague 2018' in The Hague was won by team Monkey Code with a solution to prevent land grabbing by combining satellite....

19 november 2018

We hack for good

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About us

Hackathon for Good is an open invitation to anyone with a hacker mindset and the passion to work on data and AI for impact. We are curious about the possibilities of new technologies. We want to apply them for good. To solve things that truly matter. All across the world.

Our mission is to connect data and AI savvy innovators with transition leaders to accelerate purpose-driven innovation by governments, NGOs, universities, and businesses. We help them prototype with data and AI. By providing access to data, tools, challenges, team members, training, and mentoring.



There are many ways to take part in our community. We need volunteers, hackers, sponsors, challenge owners and many others. Do you have a challenge for hackers to work on? Do you want to host a challenge in your city or country? Or do you just want to hack. Join one of the upcoming events or contact one of our team members.


We are looking for challenges

As a Challenge owner

Many organizations come to us to explore the potential of talent, data and AI for future solutions. Take a look at some of the upcoming challenges to get some inspiration.

As a Sponsor

Do you want to support Hackathon for Good? And help hackers to prove the value of tinkering and experimenting with data and AI? There are plenty of ways to support our events and hackathons.

As a Volunteer

We can always use some extra hands. Let us know if you think you can help us out!